Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Presidents day weekend

So it's been a little hectic since I've been back at work, though things should start to calm down now! We took a trip up to Northern Utah Presidents day weekend- we stayed with my girlfriend Nicole on Friday night, the weather was really good until we hit Roy then it was a blizzard. Well it snowed all night and all morning the drive from Ogden to SLC took us over 2 hours on Saturday morning. Josh has vowed that he will never live in Ogden because of all the snow!! ( I tried to tell him it wasn't all that bad to live there, you get used to all the snow! ) Sat and Sunday we stayed with Josh's twin sis and her husband- we went to the Cheesecake factory for Dinner on V-day! It was quite crowded at one point we heard them say it was a 4 hour wait....AHH good thing we only had to wait a little under 2 hours. Dinner was fab and the cheesecake was an amazing late night treat! I can't ever eat my whole entree let alone desert :)
I got the white chocolate Raspberry it was amazing! I think it is one of my favorites. Well Braxton got to meet more of his family on the trip --

Anyone who knows Grandpa Jack would appreciate this picture....when they came home from church this is what he found. ( This is g-pa's chair)

Aunt Lori and cousin Preston in the corner
Uncle Matt

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