Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He's getting so big!

Braxton updates!

First smile was Feb 10th! He can almost completely sit up in his Bumbo chair! He loves to taste new things Daddy has given him a taste of Chocolate ice cream and Pancake syrup! Yesterday I was eating string cheese and he was smacking his lips at me so I put it in his mouth and he was licking it like crazy! It was so cute! .
Here are Some of my fav. pics from the past couple weeks.....

This is how he likes to sleep on the couch, with his head butted right up to the arm, it doesn't matter how many times I pull him away he works his way back up there. :)

Josh was changing his diaper and he grabbed Josh's glasses right off his face! It was so funny!!
He was being a fuss gut and so Josh thought that he would try to lay him with the dogs! Surprisingly he calmed down and was hanging out with the boys!

I was in a panic trying to get all my papers corrected for report cards and Josh was making dinner so he set Braxton down my me.....he was just chilling watching T.V. until.......

he fell asleep!
Daddy giving his boy a shoulder ride! :)

This is how well he can sit in his BUMBO!After church Josh thought it would be funny to see what Buddy would do with his dress shirt on....he was such a proper little guy he just sat there!

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Rockin' Richins said...

The Buddy picture cracks me up! Oh
I just love those pictures of Braxton-What a stud!