Friday, September 4, 2009

Braxton's first trip to Lagoon!

Braxton's very first roller coaster was......none other than Puff the Magic Dragon! He didn't cry or scream he just hung on! It was so cute when we went down the first hill, he gasped! I loved it! I think he is definitely going to be a thrill seeker!
Josh had to be the cool daddy and win Braxton a prize! He was so cute he even made sure he had extra cash before we went in so that he could play some of the games! He won him this cute big tweety bird by popping like 15 balloons at darts! Braxton absolutely loves it!! He wouldn't let go, it was so stinkin cute :) Rattle Snake Rapids....need I really say more? Josh hung behind with Julie and the baby's ( he didn't want to walk around wet all day!) But he snapped some good pics! Our boat was Tom, Dalilah, Jack, Jamie, Chase and I. We were doing great just getting wet enough Dalilah was loving it laughing at everyone; then we went under the waterfall and got drenched, I mean Tom Dalilah and I didn't have a dry spot on us! This was when Dalilah decided that she didn't really like the ride and was going to cry the rest of the time. Poor girl :(

This is after the ride, my shirt is really a light color of green, and no I don't have nine pounds of hairspray in my hair to make it look that wet!! Josh just hanging out with the lil' ones-- Braxton and Ashlyn!
We had a fun time at Lagoon it was super crowded, and quite warm, but it was fun to have the whole Johnson family together just hanging out!

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