Friday, September 4, 2009

Johnson Family Pics

All of the events were in HONOR of Julie's 60th Birthday! Though she didn't have a clue she just thought that since Tom was comming up that everyone decided to come up and take pics! Boy did we have her fooled!

We took Family pics at Wheeler Farms this are one's that I took in between all the individual family shots.
Jamie & Julie

Gabe & Peyton Uncle Matt & Braxton

All the Cousin's old enough to walk! Watching the ducks
Breckyn, Preston, Jadyn, Peyton, Dalilah, and Ashlee

Preston, Breckyn, Jadyn and Ashlee

Chase Jamie and Lori
Matt & Lori
Tom & Dalilah

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The Nielsen Clan said...

how fun! I love those little girls dresses! Braxton is a doll.. I see his dad in him!