Sunday, September 13, 2009

Three Bears Creamery Cottage & Zion

After we went to the North Rim, then down to buy me some Jewelery from the Indian ladies we headed to Kanab, Josh was craving some DQ.....but we didn't think there was a DQ in Kanab so we found this cute little place that served ice cream. I got a ginormous waffle cone with cookies and cream ice cream and Josh had a sunday type dessert with cheesecake and ice cream and strawberries--he liked it but he said it wasn't big enough :) We all know Josh and his ice cream!
They had the cutest little Baby bear and momma bear and poppa bear chairs I couldn't resist the pics!
Braxton in Baby Bears Chair....yep mom it's just right!:)

Leslie in Momma bears chair Josh in Poppa Bear's chair

After we had our ice cream we headed to Zion, Josh hadn't ever been through the top of Zion so it was fun.....we stopped to take this pic and a mosquito bit me! I couldn't believe it--it's been 5 or more years since i've been bit~ Then we got stopped by this herd of big horn sheep....we watched them for a while it was fun, they were bucking at each other and running back and forth across the road!
We continued on down the road and Josh got to experience the tunnel! He was amazed at how long it was, and how much rock was above his head! Braxton wasn't a fan of the dark, he started screaming...weird! But we had a fun time on our break from being sick!!

Now we are home and back at work, well I am, Josh got worse as I got better. What started out as a cold progressed to the not the H1N1 you may ask he is lucky in that aspect. He woke up Thursday morning with a temp of 102 degrees. He went into the insticare and they confirmed the Flu and prescribed bed rest. He is doing a bit better but he still has no energy and coughs and wheezes if he is up doing anything for too long. The worst part about it, our little man is now coughing and has a runny nose. He has also had a diarrhea a few times--hopefully it will not persist into this week!

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