Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving & Birthday! :)

Braxton is so ready for his tatoes and gravy~  Yum Yum ~ He wasn't too thrilled about the cute little 'My first Thanksgiving' hat that grandma gave him.

Our Thanksgiving feast!  Randee, Moser, Miles, Braxton, Josh, Dad & Mom

Happy 25th Leslie!  Look at that pretty cake Josh made! :)

 We musn't forget the beautiful flowers that my wonderful Girl SAM sent me !!


des said...

Oh I thought of like 10 things to comment happy birthday!!! I hope it was the best.
That turkey hat is awesome, he is so cute! Are you guys coming up for Linds wedding cause I want to meet him!
And I like your moms haircut!! It might not be new, but it has been forever since I have seen you guys!

The Nielsen Clan said...

happy bday chica!! and that cake looks delicious! I havent seen pics of your family in a while either! fun, and yes connor is 6'4" now, he probably grew 1/2 a foot this last year! and you can totally come and visit when Ever you want!! We are just in an apt but blow up matresses are great, especially when you are hanging out at the beach all day! we would love to have you!

Jake & Nicole Burton said...

So I found your present in my luggage. Guess I forgot to bring it to dinner :( I bad friend. I will mail it to you... or you want to wait till Xmas and open 2??? WHen you mom CHOP her hair?

The Allen Family said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. Did you hear that ol' Smitty died? I didn't know if your parents had heard yet or not. I heard they sold their house. Did they buy another one in St. George? Happy birthday to you and your dad! Hope you guys are doing well!