Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm 1!

Braxton turned One Year old on December 31st!  My how time flies I can't believe that I had a brand new baby boy a year ago!  He is such a joy and pleasure to have.  He can always make me smile, he is so inquisitive and has a contagious smile :)  

We got to have two different celebrations for his BIG DAY!  We had a fun party on New Years eve at our house, then we went up to SLC for my cousin's wedding that weekend and we got to have another fun party while there.  He had lots of cool new toys and some super cute new outfits!  The draw back to having a birthday right after Christmas I'll have to buy all his clothes for the rest of the year! Ha Ha!!


The Nielsen Clan said...

happy bday braxters! love the doggie lollipop!

Adam and Brittany said...

Such a fun age! He's so cute, looks like lots of fun.