Thursday, January 7, 2010


For Christmas this year we were up in SLC we stayed with Josh's sis Jamie and her hubby Chase.  This is their dog Brody opening his present from our dogs Buddy & Jake.  He is really getting into it, pushing it all around, hilarious! :)
This was the reward for getting the present open a lollipop! (for doggies)

Braxton opening his present from Aunt Jamie and Uncle Chase, he did such a good job of holding it up for the picture!

After helping daddy open our present from Jamie a& Chase, he thought that it was a toy to climb on!  Ha ha the boxes are just as entertaining as the toys!

Braxton going after another present from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.
Oh, sweet a toy!  I'm all done!  Mom dad you open the rest of the presents when I'm done with this one I'll come investigate! :)

When we got home from Salt Lake we had Christmas with Grandma Karen and Grandpa Jeff, didn't get any pics but he sure got spoiled!!  He loved every minute of Christmas!

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des said...

I'm so glad we finally got to be this studly braxton. Man he is cute- can't get over his BIG brown eyes. and he was such a good baby through all the craziness.
How stinky to come home to flooding! yuck.
It was fun to see you guys, wish we could have spent more time- but still SO nice to hang out a little.