Tuesday, April 22, 2008


OK so as the house becomes closer and closer to being ours I complied a list of things that we have! Lets just say we have been very blessed that all of our older friends have given us things that they no longer wanted ( when they decided to re-do a room).
~We get to keep all of the furniture that is currently in the house. That consists of a TV (like 1920's) entertainment center, coffee table, couch(1960's) washer & Dryer ( which we already have a set of) and the bed in the master its' a queen ! There are also a few quilts and cleaning supplies and what not!
~~ So all together we have 6 bed's ( 1 king, 1 queen and 4 twins)!
~~We have 5 couches,( 2 full size, one hideabed, 2 love seats) and one big comfy chair!)
~~3 TVs though the antique is just that an antique~ we have 6 coffee tables/end tables! Good crap we have a lot of overage! We are thinking that a yard sale might be in order sometime in the near future!!!

But all in all we are very excited to get started moving in, Josh talked to our mortgage lady and found out that we might get to close early....Thurs or Friday of this week! (it was supposed to be the 29th)

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