Monday, April 7, 2008

Help I'm turning into an old woman

While in Ogden we stayed at my grandma's and I started crocheting during conference! I think she'd be proud of my talent! OK it's not quiet a blanket, but not horrible either. :)

Not to bad for not having done it in over 7 years!

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Aub, B and Addi said...

Hey good for you! I have started or tried many times and fail miserably! atleast one person in the family with carry on grandma's talented, she'll be proud of you. OH and guess what? brandon, my hubby of course, his uncle owns plato's closet! yep.. they started the first one in provo then one in courdelien (sp?) ID and so on! alot of his cousins work there. Pretty cool huh! i'm still trying to find out how to get family discounts ;)